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How is Mango Bango! different from other sites?

We give people what they really want! MB fills the space between the lovey-dovey romance, find marriage partner sites, and the pure "find a sex partner" sites. We provide a forum for meeting friends, lovers, chat mates, and for like-minded individuals to meet for sensuous encounters.

Is Mango Bango! really free?

Yes. Mango Bango! is free for all members. We make a small amount of money from ads posted on the site. So please click on them!

Why do I have to use English in my profile?

With users from around the world we had to select a common language that our moderators could easily read. Profiles using language other than English will not be approved.

I saw an absolutely disgusting photo, what should I do?

This site permits only head-and-shoulder-and-chest photos for a Member's Main photograph. Additional photos, which members may keep private, can certainly be risque, but not pornographic. Photos depicting genitalia are prohibited and may be reported. Breaking this rule will get a Member permanently banned.

I got banned. What did I do? What can I do?

We don't want your kind on this site - go somewhere else to play. No second chances.

A Member is being rude to me, what should I do?

Block the Member. This is a Free Speech site, people can say rude things. However, if the Member is breaking one of the site rules, (see Terms of Use) please make a report.

Is it safe to meet somebody I saw on Mango Bango!?

Always be careful the first time you meet in person. Mango Bango! merely provides an online forum for connecting with other Members - once you are in the real world, please use real world sensibilities. Although we try our hardest to remove the fake profiles, be aware that not everybody is who they seem to be.

I see TS listed with Male and Female, what is TS?

TS stands for transsexual and is the abbreviation we use for ladyboys, shemales, katoey and other transsexual Members. Mango Bango! does not discriminate and welcomes TS Members. We only ask that if you are TS, that you indicate it truthfully in your profile. Post-operative TS Members may register as Female. TS Members posing as Female will be banned; sorry, but it is only fair to our male Members.

How do I get to be Sweetest Mango of the Week?

Sweetest Mango of the Week is only open to women Members and is determined by a formula based on total number of votes and strength of the ratings made. The Sweetest Mango is automatically posted every Saturday. Post your best, sweetest photo as your Main Photo, and then enable "Rating" then start counting the mangos you receive. You can always stop the Rating process by un-checking the box. Non female Members can also be rated, but there is no contest in place at this time.